The Purpose of The Colon Chronicles

These posts detail my journey…with my chronic illness…Colon Inertia…the struggles…the sadness…the joys…the fight…the future.  People are often amazed to know that you can indeed live without a stomach…and a non-working colon…I hope this blog inspires those with a chronic illness (and those who know someone with one) to continue to fight…even when it seems bleak and you feel there is no hope. It’s always better to have a bad day…then no day at all. Peace  🙂


3 thoughts on “The Purpose of The Colon Chronicles

  1. I’m thrilled to have the ability to read your writings! I have felt so alone and odd since my intestinal issues began…the pain, the pain after eating, the bloating, the no poo for a month or more…I have such a conglomeration of health issues and messed up abdominal anatomy, it’s a miracle something wore hasn’t happend to me yet. I think I found your sight just in time. I can’t wait to see the next surgeon in a couple weeks…whom Im sure will send me to eith Indiana Medical Center or Mayo…because I am such a complicated case. In the mean time I’m studying up gastropareisis and colonic inertia…people take their intetines and stomaches for granted when they totally shouldn’t…I think you are inspiring for writing about it and bringing it out to the front…it’s a hard topic to discuss for some people. So thank you! xoxo

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