The Purpose of Potty Poetry

Ahh…that very special place…the one little nook…where you can go and just sigh…*Sigh* I would love to say that I love to curl up on my comfy couch, my toes nestled between the cushions…music softly playing in the background…because I CAN’T! Why?  Cuz I got kids, yo.  Loud…tattling…I want a snack…fighting over the Wii games kind of kids…So where can I go to get a little bit of peace and tranquility?  Yup, you got it…the bathroom.  Potty Poetry gives me a sense of oneness with myself…I write all of kinds of random stuff in here and sometimes it isn’t even poetry…but whose to say what poetry is? Hmm…I just feel a connection…I feel complete…I feel strong…yet soft…just like Charmin.  Enjoy  🙂All Hail the Throne


One thought on “The Purpose of Potty Poetry

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