A Plumber’s Burger Booty

I haven’t been on WordPress for a bit….but had to post this….
I won’t name the restaurant
But doesn’t this burger look like a butt?

And I wasn’t even on Ambien

It’s a Plumber’s Burger Booty



OMG! A Sunshine Award…..

WOW!  You know sometimes you open WordPress and say…”Um, Ok?  wait…what?  HELL yeah!”  I’m so honored to be nominated for this award (Thank you http://onelifethislife.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/the-sunshine-award-now-i-know-im-dreaming/  ) <—-click this link to understand the Sunshine Award…and the other stuff posted will make you happy too 🙂  Good Stuff!

I write to live.  I write to tell my story.  I write for awareness.  One day people will know that there are people like me…and they shake their head and say, “I didn’t know that.”

But now I do 🙂

Okay…so, again thank you http://onelifethislife.wordpress.com/   Thank you 🙂

The rules of the Sunshine Blog Award are simple…

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to their blog.

  2. Answer 7 questions….

Favorite color…BLACK…it’s sneaky, sexy, sophisticated (& hides anything!)

Favorite animal…Cats-because my name is Kat and my dear cat, Corky Le Patch,  who actually went to the bathroom on the toilet and NOT the litter box… she lived to be like 30 years old & was one bad kitty ( although I became allergic to cat hair @ 15, I still loved her 🙂

Favorite number…5…when I buy gas, I keep pumping until I reach a number ending in 5  (even in a recession 😦  )

Favorite non-alcoholic drink…Starbucks half lemonade/half black tea and 2 pumps of sugar, please…GRANDE

Facebook or Twitter @kccc5   HI! 🙂

My passion…To spread awareness about my chronic invisible illness…to show others that you NEED to take everyday and make it great…because you never know when it will be taken away from you.  Live each day…oh, and try to poop 🙂  

Getting or giving presents…ok, I love getting gifts…$$ so I can get massages at the mall…at least I’m honest

Favorite pattern…wake up…live…go to sleep…wake up…live…go to sleep…wake up…live

Favorite day of the week…FRIDAY!

Favorite flower…A Honey Suckle…the smell of my youth 🙂

    3.  And finally, nominate 10 other extra special blogs and include a link to their blogs.

http://talinorfali.wordpress.com/about/  She says what she means…and means what she says…and she is against anti-bullying…and is sweet 🙂

http://hyperactiveinefficiency.wordpress.com/ What hooked me. seriously?  And this post is for you…she blogs, I laugh

http://notquiteold.wordpress.com/ Her posts amuse me, she ain’t old although she thinks she is…but she is cool…yup…kinda cool

http://figurefinder.wordpress.com/ This girl NEVER gives up…talks about struggles with weight…a really great inspiration 🙂

http://beccasheppard.wordpress.com/ Milk has come out of nose at times reading her words…not for the faint of heart, but so funny 🙂

http://lifeaftergastrectomy.com/ We share a lot of similarities.  No stomach& she sees humor in the “this really ain’t that funny”… Oh, and she makes really beautiful scarfs…

http://bitchesincorporated.wordpress.com/ I giggle.  I snort.  I love em 🙂

3 short…but I have to pee…





A Typical Day For Me On WordPress

Hit the publish button
Log into Twitter
Twitter my blog
Look to see if pops up
3 typos in the first paragraph
2 grammatical mistakes
I swear I proofread
Google the right usage of lie versus lay
Hit publish
Forgot that spacing mistake
Damn it!
Wait is that a semi colon over there?
Should it be there?
Google “When do you use a semi colon?”
Breathe in
Breathe out
Reaches for publish button
Read it aloud
While pointing to each word on the screen
Everything is okay
Hit publish
Feel good
Feel proud
And will
Do it all over again 🙂