Farewell…it’s been a Blast!

This is my last post here at WordPress…it has been a great journey for me but it has come to an end. I’m proud of my work on here, but I’m also proud of the website that I created for Digestive Disorder awareness and honestly, it’s hard (for me) to manage both 🙂
I hope that you visit me sometime at http://www.mycrazycolon.com

I’ll be there tucked away in Kat’s corner!

Thank you for your support…
I truly appreciate it!

Take Care and Happy Blogging!



A Plug, Yup! Shameless? Nope.

Please check out my new “I Don’t Wanna Poop” page up above. I have always wanted to create a children’s picture book and so far I have made two short ones. Yay!
Happy to be able to cross one off the ole’ bucket list.

Please enjoy! Please share 🙂


Free Starbucks Coffee

Now that I have your attention:  

Gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) and Colon Inertia (delayed colon motility) are two invisible illnesses that are rarely talked about; although many people live with these illnesses everyday.  I’m one of them and so is my 9 year-old daughter.  So, I hope you visit me at www.mycrazycolon.com because without awareness, we will never find a cure for these conditions.
Oh…and sorry about that whole free coffee thing…
Really 😦