The Flipper Fairy came today!

Yay! I got my new toofer (not a typo…it just sounds cute)

I got my new “clipper”
My brand new Flipper
The cost of a coffin
I wish it was a dolphin

I had to ask where the Polident cleaner was…because I have to soak my new teeth every night

I should have know it would be next to the Incontinence products…been there, done that

It’s cool though

But if somebody calls me Ma’am tonight…it won’t be pretty 😦


Hillbilly Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween
Ain’t that a dandy?
But cuz of my lost tooth
I can’t eat no candy
What should my costume be
Maybe a country bumpkin?
Or should I just smile
And look like a pumpkin?



OMG! My Kid Looks Like a Hill Billy!

No pictures will be posted to protect the innocent…and also cuz I don’t want to have beat anyone’s @ss for making fun of my kid…I know TaeBo Yo…

But I digress…I love being a Mom.  It’s a hard job sometimes, but it’s extremely rewarding, especially when you see your children becoming more confident in themselves and believing that they can do anything that they set out to do.

This makes them happy!  This makes them smile more!

And two days ago…my 8 year old daughter felt so good about her Civics test (she scored a 15 out of 16…yup yup) But anyway… She smiled!  And my breath got all caught up in my chest…because all I could think was… Dayum! And then Oh, Lawd…Man, her mouth is really, and I mean, really jacked up!

I had to look away quickly…so she couldn’t see the look on my face…because I just wanted to giggle.  And that would be SO mean.  Really.

My daughter is just so cute…and I love her so much…after all, I carried her @ss for 42 weeks!  42 weeks!…and she STILL didn’t want to come out!  They had to take her out!  Have you ever seen a 42 week old pregnant woman?  Folks, it ain’t pretty.

So, you know I love her… but dayum…she looks like a Hill Billy.

She’s a very young 8…Seriously, the first tooth that came out naturally (as opposed to being extracted…came out on Sunday…and she got a dollar) she has a really small mouth…which means her adult teeth are growing in…but there’s no room to grow…so they kinda look off-center.

Really off-center…like “Right in the middle of my mouth cuz I live in the mountains and I ain’t had no schoolin but I gots me 5 kids and I’ma just 16.”  Kinda off center.

I realize…I’m a Mom…but in that moment…I realize I’m still Me.  And I found out…it’s okay to laugh at your kid sometimes…as long as you are careful about their feelings…because sometimes…crap is well,  just funny, and you just have to laugh…but it doesn’t mean you love your children ANY less…

I love both of my kids…very much!

Thankfully…we go to the Orthodontist next Tuesday…


Because I am too young for some grandkids.