Rotating Hot Dogs

Dear 7 Eleven,
I like your Slurpees
Probably a billion sold
But why do you always
Have hot dogs that look old?



Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Hot Damn, it’s Friday
No clocks set for morning snooze
Drool on my pillow

Memories of my youth
The Love Boat and crispy chips
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Little girls shrieking
Talking about the cute boys
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Trembling hands on waist
Awkwardly moving to beats
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Lost in the book stacks
Forty percent of my grade
Damn it, it’s Friday!

My first interview
Did my resume impress?
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

I have thirty kids
Tired from grading papers
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Got to pay my rent
Hope it’s Ladies night tonight
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Your life starts to grow
Days and nights merge together
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Now realizing that
Friday is what you make it
Hot Damn, it’s Friday.

Raid will get them Suckas every time…

Sometimes a nursery rhyme should tell the truth….enjoy 🙂


Oh…and one for the road

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after
Which is unfortunate
Because now their insurance premiums will go up

Breakfast Buffet Haikus

Enjoying the time
Over buttered toast and tea
Breakfast with my Mom

Lemon in my tea
Sugar makes it sweet for me
I drink it glee

My bacon is burnt
Crispy but yet so tasty
Poor little piggy

I hate to tell you
But there is apple jelly
Smeared there on your chin

Muffins and coffee
They are good just not for me
Cuz I want a steak

I usually only see my Mom a couple of times of year, so it’s a real treat to spend time with her 🙂  Today’s breakfast time was enjoyable and will be as memorable as those hash browns that were perfectly fried in lard.  Love ya Mom!

Just Another Day





Just another day
In the hospital
The sound of the IV
Fluids disappearing into the skin
Ticking and clicking
Seconds turn into minutes
Hours into days
Vitals taken
Numbers recorded
Questions asked
Did you pee?
Walk the quiet hallway
Cold coffee in the hand
Sympathetic smiles
Worried faces
All hoping for answers
As they wait
In the hospital
Just another day

I wanted to share this poem from my website
For all those who need support as they endure…Just Another Day


I write for the people
You hate that I know that sound
It haunts you
You love it too
It gives you peace
That I know you
I know every emotion
That you feel
I looked over my shoulder
And I saw you
Drip drop
We smile
We close our eyes
We listen
Surrender to it

Hold my hand


I don’t hear it anymore
Do you?
I don’t either

Okay then….
Lets go