Why do I keep making these dayum movies?

And I’m gonna tell you…

When I got sick back in 2008 (see my About Me page :))  I thought I could manage it.  I truly did.  I shrugged it off, No big deal.  I would continue to eat.  Run.  Be normal.  Then…
I couldn’t deal with things.
A glass of wine became two…then three…
Silence was a day…then a week
Fullness needed cutting

I needed help. I needed to talk. I needed to let it all out…and I did. I humbled myself. I let myself heal. Today, I take one day at time….Today, I write. Today, I laugh…Today, I am back to…ME 🙂

So, today, instead of a drink or quietness or a cut…I make funny Buddy movies…and, that’s pretty okay by me 🙂 Please check out Buddy’s Page

And now…enjoy (cuz I do :))the next Buddy installment… (hopefully fix, and I made all this fuss)

The Meeting


Oh, Homer…

Check out the Simpson clouds!
I took this picture on Sunday afternoon.
Taken on my iPhone…and not one enhancement (so proud of myself)
After all, this is WordPress…not Instagram 🙂



I want to swim
Where the Mermaids Do
In the murky water so deep
I can’t see my hand
That is in front of my eyes
I will lose my breath
And Smile
Some people say
They don’t exist
Those Mermaids
But I believe
They do

And one day
I will swim among them
Those Mermaids

I will go
Into the murky Deep
Frolic will them
Surrender to the water
And in the end

Faded Glimpses

The last two months of my life
Have been a whirlwind
Of bright days morphing into dark nights
So seamlessly smooth
One can’t tell where one ends and the other begins
A blurred reflection
As I pass by the mirror
Glimpses of
Insomnia, Faxes, Toilets
Fear, Joy, Acceptance
Crying, Ex-lax, Hope
And Salads
Connecting the dots
Combining together
To create one image

The Anorexic…The Bulimic…And Me

I Eat With Shaking Hands
I AM Full
I Wipe My Mouth
Lipstick Smeared
The Remains of My Meal on My Wrist
The Eating
Although It Makes Me Bloated
Drowns Out the Sounds
After My Stomach Surgery
I Watched
Those Who Sat In Front of Empty Plates
After My Surgery
I Watched
Those Who Ate…But Then Disappeared
Into The Bathroom
I Wanted to Learn Their
To Be Hungry…and NOT eat
To Eat…and NOT be Hungry

But I Couldn’t.
Oh, Well…
Life Goes ON…