Farewell…it’s been a Blast!

This is my last post here at WordPress…it has been a great journey for me but it has come to an end. I’m proud of my work on here, but I’m also proud of the website that I created for Digestive Disorder awareness and honestly, it’s hard (for me) to manage both 🙂
I hope that you visit me sometime at http://www.mycrazycolon.com

I’ll be there tucked away in Kat’s corner!

Thank you for your support…
I truly appreciate it!

Take Care and Happy Blogging!



WTH was I Thinkin as a Kid?

Yesterday while at the dollar store, I saw these colorful wax candy bottles filled with sweet liquid and immediately smiled, remembering them from my childhood. I almost knocked a small child down as I giddily ran out of the store to my truck (don’t worry, he was fine, although he did tear up a bit.) As I sat in my seat, eagerly tearing the plastic wrap off my nostalgic goodies, I remembered how much my sister and I loved them. I closed my eyes and bit down.
Those lil things were so nasty. The bad thing is I felt like I needed to eat all 10 of them because maybe the orange one would taste better than the yellow one or the green one or the blue one? No. Still nasty.

Yesterday, I realized some things don’t need to be re-visited and it’s okay to keep good memories just where they are…
In the past.

Just Gimme My Sweatpants

1959 Series Logo

I remember a time in my life that New Year’s Eve meant hitting the town hard, searching for a great place to party…now it means hitting the couch hard in my elastic pants, sweatshirt (and lil cubes of cheese) watching the Twilight Zone marathon.  And I love it!  Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, safe and prosperous 2013.  I thank everyone who visited my blog this year, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing; it has been a fun journey so far & I appreciate you allowing me to share a lil bit of my life with you.  See ya next year!

Kat 🙂

Two thoughts: Graham Crackers & Underoos

I love Graham Crackers with a big ole layer of “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spread on it-

Graham crackers are good
But always at the bottom
Of the cookie aisle

They get no respect unless they hang out with a marshmallow or chocolate

Underoos are dangerous.
I had a pair of Wonder Woman Underoos when I was younger and thought I was damn near invincible, I would jump off chairs, the bed, the tub.
Thank goodness, I had enough sense to keep the second story window closed.
I know Underoos are dangerous.
But, I really think I can handle them now.

I think.


Hillbilly Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween
Ain’t that a dandy?
But cuz of my lost tooth
I can’t eat no candy
What should my costume be
Maybe a country bumpkin?
Or should I just smile
And look like a pumpkin?



Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Hot Damn, it’s Friday
No clocks set for morning snooze
Drool on my pillow

Memories of my youth
The Love Boat and crispy chips
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Little girls shrieking
Talking about the cute boys
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Trembling hands on waist
Awkwardly moving to beats
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Lost in the book stacks
Forty percent of my grade
Damn it, it’s Friday!

My first interview
Did my resume impress?
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

I have thirty kids
Tired from grading papers
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Got to pay my rent
Hope it’s Ladies night tonight
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Your life starts to grow
Days and nights merge together
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Now realizing that
Friday is what you make it
Hot Damn, it’s Friday.