A Plumber’s Burger Booty

I haven’t been on WordPress for a bit….but had to post this….
I won’t name the restaurant
But doesn’t this burger look like a butt?

And I wasn’t even on Ambien

It’s a Plumber’s Burger Booty



May You Sleep Tonight….

*I wrote this last week…I am still trying to catch up with all my dreams… 🙂


It’s now 11:59 p.m. In one minute today will be finished. A new day will begin. I stare at the little body in the bed. After many tosses and turns, the lil one is finally still, yet I can feel the restlessness that is inside. I look at the clock. 12:03. This is going to be a long freakin day.

I haven’t slept yet. I look down at the clock on my phone. I have officially been up for 32 hours. Matt, the nurse, comes in to check the still one who is snoring softly. Pulse is good. Temperature is normal. You should try to get some sleep.
Thank you, I will try.

3:30a.m…that’s when they bring out the doughnuts…but you can’t buy em yet…I got my eye on that nice glazed one in the right corner

3:45a.m…walking the hallways until doughnut release time. its quiet, except for the heavy footsteps of the security guards and the occasional sound of opening elevator doors. Its kinda spooky, almost like a scene in a scary movie. I should be scared because I’m black and everyone knows that the black person is always the first to go in a scary movie. Hmmm, let me go back and check on that doughnut . Just in case.

My little glazed fellow is still chillin in the corner when I get back to the cafeteria. I pick him up and gently place him in a white parchment paper cocoon . Inhaling deeply, I can smell his sweet sugary goodness. The weird thing is that I don’t usually eat donuts because they aren’t worth me getting sick, but it looks nice in my hand. I take a bite. Soft. I take another bite. It aint no Krispy Kreme but not too shabby. I want to take another bite but I don’t. I need to be there for the lil one. I toss my half eaten fellow in the trash and head back to the room.

It’s quiet when I get back except for the clicking of the medical machines.

Up for 37 hours. Wow. I feel energized. I feel like I could run a mile or two. I am so tired, my eyes burn and feel heavy but the thoughts in my head keep my body up.

I curl up into a ball and wrap myself in the thin blanket that the nurse gave me. I want to sleep, I really do, but the steady sounds of the IV pump remind me of the heart beat that the hallucinating man heard in Edgar Poe’s poem, “The Tell-Tale Heart.” All I can hear is ticking and clicking. It fills my head. It’s all I hear. I wonder if Edgar wrote because he could not sleep. Maybe he couldn’t separate his dreams from his reality. I wonder.

Time passes. The sun breaks through the sky. Shifts end. New bright and alert faces exchange places with those with sleepy eyes who want to go home. Vitals are taken as new introductions are made. Time passes as we watch cartoons. A knock on the door. A tray of food arrives. Clear broth for the lil one. Nothing for me, the remnants of my doughnut still in my throat. My contacts are dry. I blink to refresh them. A knock on the door. The Doctor comes in to see their little patient. I heard you have been up for a while, hopefully you will be able to sleep tonight? She smiles sympathetically already knowing the answer. I nod confidently. I’m sure I will…

but I already know…until lil one is okay.

I won’t.

Faded Glimpses

The last two months of my life
Have been a whirlwind
Of bright days morphing into dark nights
So seamlessly smooth
One can’t tell where one ends and the other begins
A blurred reflection
As I pass by the mirror
Glimpses of
Insomnia, Faxes, Toilets
Fear, Joy, Acceptance
Crying, Ex-lax, Hope
And Salads
Connecting the dots
Combining together
To create one image

Is it Ambien? Or is it Amy?

I just took my Ambien CR, which means I have exactly 12 minutes until I am knocked out like Apollo Creed ( I just took 2 minutes trying to think of a boxing reference.)
10 minutes left…
I have learned to turn off all electronics BEFORE taking my Ambien…cuz there ain’t nothing like waking up the next morning and seeing what you wrote while medicated. Delete. DELETE!
7 minutes left…
But, I couldn’t resist this…and it might be just a pre Ambien hallucination, but doesn’t the Karo Syrup baby look eerily like Amy Poehler? Hmmm.
2 minutes
Goodnight 🙂


Insomnia or Einstein?

Why I Like Insomnia

Makes you feel smart sometimes
Your mind keeps going and mine does too
You feel so smart and so do I
You and I just solved all of
Life’s Mysteries
In one night.
Did we?
Or are we
Just tired?

Wednesday Hump Day Laughs

Okay…so when you have insomnia, you find a lot of stuff on the internet. I love when I can truly giggle out loud at pictures because it makes life a lil better. You may have seen them before, but if you haven’t…enjoy and have a great day!

*disclaimer: one pic has a curse word, but it’s hella funny…ha ha…besides its got a cute baby in it.

I really like this picture at first. But, then I looked more closely…not so funny when your phone is the 3rd one. Hmmm…







20120508-213656.jpgand no, I’m not making fun of people with no limbs…my dad didn’t have a leg, so there