WTH was I Thinkin as a Kid?

Yesterday while at the dollar store, I saw these colorful wax candy bottles filled with sweet liquid and immediately smiled, remembering them from my childhood. I almost knocked a small child down as I giddily ran out of the store to my truck (don’t worry, he was fine, although he did tear up a bit.) As I sat in my seat, eagerly tearing the plastic wrap off my nostalgic goodies, I remembered how much my sister and I loved them. I closed my eyes and bit down.
Those lil things were so nasty. The bad thing is I felt like I needed to eat all 10 of them because maybe the orange one would taste better than the yellow one or the green one or the blue one? No. Still nasty.

Yesterday, I realized some things don’t need to be re-visited and it’s okay to keep good memories just where they are…
In the past.


Why do I keep making these dayum movies?

And I’m gonna tell you…

When I got sick back in 2008 (see my About Me page :))  I thought I could manage it.  I truly did.  I shrugged it off, No big deal.  I would continue to eat.  Run.  Be normal.  Then…
I couldn’t deal with things.
A glass of wine became two…then three…
Silence was a day…then a week
Fullness needed cutting

I needed help. I needed to talk. I needed to let it all out…and I did. I humbled myself. I let myself heal. Today, I take one day at time….Today, I write. Today, I laugh…Today, I am back to…ME 🙂

So, today, instead of a drink or quietness or a cut…I make funny Buddy movies…and, that’s pretty okay by me 🙂 Please check out Buddy’s Page

And now…enjoy (cuz I do :))the next Buddy installment… (hopefully fix, and I made all this fuss)

The Meeting

Oh, Homer…

Check out the Simpson clouds!
I took this picture on Sunday afternoon.
Taken on my iPhone…and not one enhancement (so proud of myself)
After all, this is WordPress…not Instagram 🙂


The Reflection in the Mirror


Revealing yourself to yourself regardless of your accomplishments or flaws

Enabling yourself to look into the face that has held every emotion known to man

Feeling overwhelmed and even frightened sometimes, when you don’t like the person staring back at you

Learning to look yourself in the eyes and forgive yourself for the things that you have done wrong

Eagerness to let those things go and start a new journey to a better tomorrow…a better you

Content on seeing that everything you have done, regardless of the outcome, has made you a stronger person

Taking the time to smile, and know that you are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside

Ignoring the voices inside your head saying you were never nor will ever be good enough

Owning the right to rise up from sadness and take back your happiness, laughter and joy

Needing no apology from yourself for becoming stronger and taking back what is yours…simply, put…your life.