My Confession

PicCollage-6Today, I mentally went to my “special” place (in my mind) when my son started talking about the new safe house that he built in Minecraft. For 45 minutes, I heard about zombies, secret passageways, storage chests and some poor cows that fell over and turned into leather. I tried to look interested, I really did and even interjected an “Oh, my goodness, really?” every couple of minutes. I truly thought this game would lose its appeal after a couple of weeks but…it seems to be hanging on…tight.


Bust Da Bubble

Little cute creatures
Stuck in a bubble cocoon
I need to save them

Bubble Mania (which is a free game on my iphone & ipad) should be renamed Bubble Maniac because that’s what I feel like, a total maniac! I haven’t been this obsessed over a game since CafeWorld. That was a rough couple of weeks months for me. I don’t know what was worse…creating fake Facebook friends so that I could have “neighbors” or the fact that I would actually set my alarm clock for 3 AM, so my fake food dishes wouldn’t burn in the oven. So sad. Anyway, this is totally different because I know deep down that those poor lil cute innocent trapped things NEED my help.


Boo-yah!…three stars on level 26…in yo face!
Omg, this is so sad…