Farewell…it’s been a Blast!

This is my last post here at WordPress…it has been a great journey for me but it has come to an end. I’m proud of my work on here, but I’m also proud of the website that I created for Digestive Disorder awareness and honestly, it’s hard (for me) to manage both ūüôā
I hope that you visit me sometime at http://www.mycrazycolon.com

I’ll be there tucked away in Kat’s corner!

Thank you for your support…
I truly appreciate it!

Take Care and Happy Blogging!



WTH was I Thinkin as a Kid?

Yesterday while at the dollar store, I saw these colorful wax candy bottles filled with sweet liquid and immediately smiled, remembering them from my childhood. I almost knocked a small child down as I giddily ran out of the store to my truck (don’t worry, he was fine, although he did tear up a bit.) As I sat in my seat, eagerly tearing the plastic wrap off my nostalgic goodies, I remembered how much my sister and I loved them. I closed my eyes and bit down.
Those lil things were so nasty. The bad thing is I felt like I needed to eat all 10 of them because maybe the orange one would taste better than the yellow one or the green one or the blue one? No. Still nasty.

Yesterday, I realized some things don’t need to be re-visited and it’s okay to keep good memories just where they are…
In the past.

Buddy’s Date

My newest “movie” starring Buddy

I am having SOOOOOO much fun!

Enjoy! ūüôā

And click below to see his FIRST movie

Ten Things I Learned from My Cedar Point Trip

10. Children never have too pee unless your next in line
9. The “Guess My Weight” game should ALWAYS be run by women-ALWAYS
8. Children are never hungry until French fries cost $5.95…for a small
7. The aroma of warm Funnel Cake is one of the best smells on earth
6. Wearing a bikini top is not the best choice for a roller coaster…just sayin
5. Children like Snoopy when he is on TV, not in real life-trying to get a hug
4. Children will never drop food unless it’s expensive (see #8)
3. A fanny pack might be in my future (see post below)
2. Winning a big ass bear is neat-o until you realize you have to lug around…ALL DAY


1. Fears need to be conquered so you can experience the thrills of life

I Cheat at Scrabble

Scrabble game

Image by jcolman via Flickr

I admit it. ¬†Is that wrong? ¬†I play online with my mom, who happens to be a whole lot better than me, and I get tired of losing, every damn time we play. ¬†She’s a ¬†major nerd, so I’m sure that helps her in some way. One time she used the word “pam” and then smugly told me the definition when I challenged her. I always thought “pam” was a just a girl’s name or something you spray on a pan to make sure your food didn’t stick, but did you know that it’s a card game too? ¬†Don’t worry, you’re not stupid, only about four other people in the entire world knew that too. So, that’s why I cheat, because it’s extremely hard to play against a nerd superhero and win. ¬†Deep down, I know it’s wrong, but when she waits until her time is about to expire to casually hit the submit button, I get a little ticked off. ¬†I hate that I waste most of my allotted time looking blankly at my letter tiles. ¬†I hate knowing that I will probably lose again. ¬†I hate scrambling to get my letters in the right order. ¬†I hate knowing I went to college and the only word I could come up with is…CAT?
Really!? ¬†CAT? ¬†Behind the safety of her computer, ¬†I know she is smirking at me, probably updating her Facebook status to “She spelled CAT…Can you believe that?” so all seven of her friends can laugh at me too. ¬†That’s cool. ¬†Keep laughing, because actually, I am learning a lot. ¬†Did you know that a pug is not just a smooshed face dog…but a machine that grinds clay? I didn’t, but I do now.¬†Unfortunately, and this is the sad part, even with cheating, I still lose most of the time.¬†OK, all the time. ¬†But, that’s okay, because the time I spend with my mom is precious and far better than winning…Sometimes.