What is Gastroparesis?




So Toasty

I sit on the counter
Waiting for your touch
To warm me up
You come in
I am excited

Oh, no!
You grabbed the cereal
No toast today!


The Life of a Toaster

Not Feelin’ These Buns :(

I have a lot of love for this particular baking company (cuz they make some very good cookies) BUT dayum, these onion hamburger buns that they make, well, look…gross.  I’m sure they taste good (and I do admit, they felt baby butt soft) but I just can’t get into any bun that looks like it got “smooshed” with some picnic ants.


Bust Da Bubble

Little cute creatures
Stuck in a bubble cocoon
I need to save them

Bubble Mania (which is a free game on my iphone & ipad) should be renamed Bubble Maniac because that’s what I feel like, a total maniac! I haven’t been this obsessed over a game since CafeWorld. That was a rough couple of weeks months for me. I don’t know what was worse…creating fake Facebook friends so that I could have “neighbors” or the fact that I would actually set my alarm clock for 3 AM, so my fake food dishes wouldn’t burn in the oven. So sad. Anyway, this is totally different because I know deep down that those poor lil cute innocent trapped things NEED my help.


Boo-yah!…three stars on level 26…in yo face!
Omg, this is so sad…


Breakfast Buffet Haikus

Enjoying the time
Over buttered toast and tea
Breakfast with my Mom

Lemon in my tea
Sugar makes it sweet for me
I drink it glee

My bacon is burnt
Crispy but yet so tasty
Poor little piggy

I hate to tell you
But there is apple jelly
Smeared there on your chin

Muffins and coffee
They are good just not for me
Cuz I want a steak

I usually only see my Mom a couple of times of year, so it’s a real treat to spend time with her 🙂  Today’s breakfast time was enjoyable and will be as memorable as those hash browns that were perfectly fried in lard.  Love ya Mom!