WTH was I Thinkin as a Kid?

Yesterday while at the dollar store, I saw these colorful wax candy bottles filled with sweet liquid and immediately smiled, remembering them from my childhood. I almost knocked a small child down as I giddily ran out of the store to my truck (don’t worry, he was fine, although he did tear up a bit.) As I sat in my seat, eagerly tearing the plastic wrap off my nostalgic goodies, I remembered how much my sister and I loved them. I closed my eyes and bit down.
Those lil things were so nasty. The bad thing is I felt like I needed to eat all 10 of them because maybe the orange one would taste better than the yellow one or the green one or the blue one? No. Still nasty.

Yesterday, I realized some things don’t need to be re-visited and it’s okay to keep good memories just where they are…
In the past.


Why do I keep making these dayum movies?

And I’m gonna tell you…

When I got sick back in 2008 (see my About Me page :))  I thought I could manage it.  I truly did.  I shrugged it off, No big deal.  I would continue to eat.  Run.  Be normal.  Then…
I couldn’t deal with things.
A glass of wine became two…then three…
Silence was a day…then a week
Fullness needed cutting

I needed help. I needed to talk. I needed to let it all out…and I did. I humbled myself. I let myself heal. Today, I take one day at time….Today, I write. Today, I laugh…Today, I am back to…ME 🙂

So, today, instead of a drink or quietness or a cut…I make funny Buddy movies…and, that’s pretty okay by me 🙂 Please check out Buddy’s Page

And now…enjoy (cuz I do :))the next Buddy installment… (hopefully fix, and I made all this fuss)

The Meeting

Hillbilly Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween
Ain’t that a dandy?
But cuz of my lost tooth
I can’t eat no candy
What should my costume be
Maybe a country bumpkin?
Or should I just smile
And look like a pumpkin?



Dear Mr. Willy Wonka

Dear Mr. Willy Wonka,

I have loved your candy…always…from your tangy Nerds to your sweet Laffy Taffy…and of course…the Wonka Bar…with its melty chocolate-ly goodness…AND yeah, I really wanted a Golden Ticket
And an Oompa Loompa…with his lil bad ass self to rub MY feet…
I digress…
I was wondering…since you make so many cool things…
Is it possibly to make a “GET HAPPY” CANDY?
That’s not too much to ask, right?
Oh…but wait-
I have to say…
I loved that they did a movie about you…
The Original Willy Wonka, the one featuring Gene Wilder
The second was pretty okay…I mean it DID have Mr. Johnny Depp in it…
Um…Hello 21 Jump Street…sexy, sexy-
The whole freaky boat ride scene…scared the crap out of me!
Who scares kids like that?
Someone must be smokin a lil somethin somethin
Back your wonderful Candy…
YOU have made a lake of chocolate…
GUM that taste like a 3 course meal…
MADE someone transport through a television set…
So, why can’t you…
Make an everlasting gob stopper whopper to make ALL your dreams come TRUE?
Each layer revealing…another happy moment.
A caramel chew that would release a burst of self confidence…and assertiveness
Just in time for the big job interview.
A fruit flavored tattoo…that would deliver a *poof* of positive attitude
That would be really sweet…BUT…
I know it’s a pipe dream to ask…
Because I know that a piece of candy or gum won’t make things magically happen…
It’s Me…who has to take charge of my life and live it to the fullest-
I realize…I can do anything…
Because I am strong
Because…I am my own GOLDEN ticket