A Plumber’s Burger Booty

I haven’t been on WordPress for a bit….but had to post this….
I won’t name the restaurant
But doesn’t this burger look like a butt?

And I wasn’t even on Ambien

It’s a Plumber’s Burger Booty



Finally, the answer to that age ole’ question…

Child: Mommy, where do babies come from?
Mom: Why, from plastic cellophane wrap, Sweetie.


And twins!


Oh, and triplets too…Oh, My!


I have no words…
Ads circa 1930-1950’s

* I decided to make a “What I Google while on Ambien” category. It just seems the right thing to do 🙂

Is it Ambien? Or is it Amy?

I just took my Ambien CR, which means I have exactly 12 minutes until I am knocked out like Apollo Creed ( I just took 2 minutes trying to think of a boxing reference.)
10 minutes left…
I have learned to turn off all electronics BEFORE taking my Ambien…cuz there ain’t nothing like waking up the next morning and seeing what you wrote while medicated. Delete. DELETE!
7 minutes left…
But, I couldn’t resist this…and it might be just a pre Ambien hallucination, but doesn’t the Karo Syrup baby look eerily like Amy Poehler? Hmmm.
2 minutes
Goodnight 🙂