All Hail, to the New Pâte’…Potted Meat

Pop! Goes the lid
Peeling it back slowly,
To release
Past memories of my youth
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks & years
All smeared together
On white Wonder Bread

Although, many people would mistake Potted Meat as dog or cat food, just by the smell alone, it’s actually really good (just don’t read the list of ingredients, because it’s kinda gross 🙂 I’m probably a lil bit biased about it because I grew up on it. Oh, and those little Vienna Sausages. Potted Meat really doesn’t have a taste to me, and it just kinda just sits there in all of its salty dense pasty pinky glory. Psst, I will tell you a secret. I’ve always wanted to do an experiment where I serve it on a fancy cracker/bread in a ritzy restaurant and as diners say, “Oh my, what is this? Some kind of new & delicious pâte’?” I would then jump out and say, “No! It’s Potted Meat and you can buy two of them for just $1.00!”
Try it…you might like it and even if you don’t, it’ll probably be the only food around after a nuclear disaster. Seriously, I don’t even think it has an expiration date on it 😦

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