I can’t believe this Sh…

I look kinda silly
And like a hillbilly
Cause my tooth
Just fell out



3 thoughts on “I can’t believe this Sh…

  1. OMG…………….I’m sorry but I chuckled at this little poem! Same thing happened to me about two years ago, but my dentist is also my friend so I got in right away. My bones and teeth are crumbling because I have been taking steroids for 11 years. I have also been spending a lot of quality time sitting on the shitter the past two weeks. If I don’t call my Gastro doc I think my Husband will call him for me. I hate this shit.
    Take care and don’t smile!

    • I miss my tooth…lol…
      Ps I wont smile…
      I hope you feel better…and CALL the doc!!!! NOW…or I will bite you, wait, I can’t, I aint got no tooth…

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