Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Hot Damn, it’s Friday
No clocks set for morning snooze
Drool on my pillow

Memories of my youth
The Love Boat and crispy chips
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Little girls shrieking
Talking about the cute boys
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Trembling hands on waist
Awkwardly moving to beats
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Lost in the book stacks
Forty percent of my grade
Damn it, it’s Friday!

My first interview
Did my resume impress?
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

I have thirty kids
Tired from grading papers
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Got to pay my rent
Hope it’s Ladies night tonight
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Your life starts to grow
Days and nights merge together
Hot Damn, it’s Friday!

Now realizing that
Friday is what you make it
Hot Damn, it’s Friday.


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