Dry Eraser Sabotage

It’s a cruel world out there, folks. “Somehow” and “mysteriously” a permanent marker got mixed in with the dry erasers that I use for my dry erase reusable refrigerator calendar.


Of course, out of all the markers in the cup, I WOULD pick that one to create the calendar dates.


Actually, this would actually be a (kinda) funny prank for April Fools Day if it wasn’t on me.
I guess from now on or until I get a new calendar, I will have a Tasting on every 2nd Wednesday and a hair appointment on Saturday at 11′ o’clock.

Why couldn’t I have written down…buy shoes…? Dayum!

4 thoughts on “Dry Eraser Sabotage

    • Submitted on 2012/10/23 at 11:47 pm | In reply to jmgoyder.
      A tasting for a wedding…where they sample all the food before having it served…my best friend’s sister is getting married next Spring . You know…chicken doesn’t like chicken when you are paying “per plate”. Ha ha

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