Blue Dodge Omni
Blew snow in…instead of heat

Blue Dodge Omni
Blew head gasket

Blue Dodge Omni
Blew up on the highway


This is a picture of my first lemon car. It was a 1986 Dodge Omni. My mom bought it for me and claimed it only had 12,000 miles on it (really was like 112,000 miles…but it was MINE!) When I would turn off the engine, it would shake and rattled…violently…for two minutes (three minutes in cold weather.) I would hold onto the steering wheel tightly, trying not to make eye contact with the car next to me. I didn’t want to see that “poor thang” look in their eyes. Although now, I’m not sure if they were referring to me or the car. The car would finally simmer down and sputter into silence. It was a good lil car until it blew up one day when I was driving and I had to walk home…in the dark…by myself…on a busy highway…

Thanks for the memories!


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