I’m Gonna Boil You…If You Don’t…


Stop staring at me.
But then again, I did challenge him to a staring contest. But now it’s getting creepy. Uncomfortably creepy. It’s been like 6 minutes. Look away! Or I will buy you & boil yo @ss. I don’t even eat lobster (due to having a pet crayfish…too much of a resemblance.)
BUT I will…just out of spite.
Oh, and dip you in garlic butter…
But I’m a good sport. And even though I knew he didn’t want his picture taken (his expression was like…Really?”) I snapped his picture because I wanted to give him props for winning.
So congratulations…Mr. Lobster. Today, you won.
Although, I seriously doubt you will be around next week to play another round 😦

5 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Boil You…If You Don’t…

    • Lol…but not anymore…*sniff sniff*. I had “Freddy Smith” ( my crayfish) for 3 years…but then I felt guilty and put him back into the pond.
      I think he was eaten by a bird the next day 😦
      Ok, I don’t really know that…but I because I fed him worms and other tasty morsels and he lived in a really big tank with great aquarium accessories , he probably didn’t know how to fend for himself.

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