Honesty really sucks

I told myself…I would write, no matter what was the time was and yes (it’s 5 am)…so here are my true feelings. It’s all about growth.
It’s 5 am in the morning, and I have a huge zit, on my forehead…I’m about to squeeze it…scream, as I let it go….gimme just one sec ….cuz this bad boy is HUGE!
I am gonna do it.
Wait for it….

Yay! Its done. Finally Peace. Stop shaking your head. You have been there before. That one zit that lingers and never seems to go away…you know the one that you lay dreaming about. The one that gives you sporadic dreams…the one that has you asking…”Whatcha gonna do, beeyotch?” Pop it. No. Don’t pop it. Squeeze it, gently, and get a sense of calmness? Or get that rush from the quickness?

It’s 5:12
I am tired
I am pooped.

What with happen tomorrow, when I wake up?
Will my world have changed?

No. Probably not.

I just popped a zit.
And life goes on…


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