I still love ya, but you just a BIG Boo

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog a https://mycrazycolon.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/you-will-always-be-in-my-heart-just-not-in-my-tummy/ about Wendy’s and my allegiance to them since they basically gave me my first real paycheck (and introduced me to FICA… *_*)
Unfortunately, the other day, a tragedy occurred. I forgot all the knowledge that I acquired from my fast food days. As a former FF specialist employee, there are three things that you learn from working in such an establishment that will help you get a better eating experience.

#1. Modify your food. No onions, add extra pickles will help you get a “fresher” item. Sometimes.
#2. If you see one bug, chances are there are two. Three. You get the picture. Run for the door.
#3. Check your bag BEFORE you pull from the drive-thru. ALWAYS

I failed to do number 3 on my last trip to Wendy’s.

This is what I got this



Yes, I should have checked…but, again, really?

What made it worse was that my dried up cheeseburger came in this bag and this drink.


Come on! Where is the juiciness? Where is the freshness? Where is the cheese? Cuz that looks like a yellow piece of construction paper. And yes, I know not every Wendy's quality is low but dang, someone in management had to see this turd of a sandwich. And even though the drive BACK to Wendy's cost more in gas than the actual burger, I felt like I had to do it. For Wendy.


4 thoughts on “I still love ya, but you just a BIG Boo

    • I thought SpongeBob’s expression said it all 🙂 yup, always modify. Psst…fries without salt…best way to get them fresh and hot…oops, that was a secret

  1. Even though this was about a negative Wendy’s experience, and it’s currently 8:00 a.m., you’ve somehow made me crave a Jr. Bacon.

    Missed you, darlin’!

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