Friday Funnies

The heat has made me puppy tired. Puppy tired is when you’re so sleepy that you could lie down anywhere and start snoring instantly, kinda like puppies do…ok, so what am I really trying to say? I’m too dayum tired to do a “written” blog (but I do have a great reason….that I will share later) so here are my favorite funnies that I saw this week. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

This also applies to Twitter…lol


Oh, Colonel Sanders…my favorite job in college, cuz I ate free.  The Strawberry Parfait cups were at a 50% discount, but I stole them and ate them in the freezer.  Mmmm…


I was a teacher…and still giggled at this…


The next three pictures. True, Truer, Truest




My name is Kat.  I love cats.  Allergic.  Oh, the irony.


This happened to me twice this week. Once with the keys. Once with my cell phone. But I know the drill.  Curse. Get out.  Look under seat.  See dried out McDonald’s Chicken Mcnugget.  Ignore it.  Scrape knuckles against the metal part underneath the seat.   Retrieve object.  Straighten back up (grab back because you stiff bending over.)  Get back into car.  Repeat same drill in 3 days.  Sigh.


Best expression and caption…ever…ha ha.  I can’t stand Boots on Dora the Explorer.  Can’t. Stand. Him.


I’m’ so using this one at this years Christmas Party…admit it, you will too!


Happy Friday!


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