My Pee Pee Killed the Lil Ipod

So after 3 days of soaking my Ipod in dry rice, it’s time to face the sad realization that my Ipod is NOT coming back.  I have clicked it, softly.  Pressed the buttons down, hard.  I have frowned at it…and whispered bad words.  That crap ain’t coming back.  Karma is a crazy thing.  We know it will come back to us, we just never know the time or day.  Most of the songs on my Ipod were “pirated.”  In my defense, this was when music was passed freely around the internet like that one kiwi strawberry wine cooler that all your friends took a sip from in high school.  Not that I did, Mom 🙂  But, anyway.  I received CDs in the mail containing all of my favorite songs from friends who knew all the good “free” music sites.  I didn’t ask questions, I just listened to, “Dancing Queen.” while I danced around in my headphones. I guess it’s kinda like the whole mattress tag situation.  It says not to pull off, but who really knows if you do?  Apparently, Karma knows and that’s why she made my pee so acidic that night that when my Ipod fell into the toilet, just for a mere moment, it disintegrated it into a musical tragedy.

I’m no longer “Walkin on Sunshine.”   Just Sayin
Boooo 😦       R.I.P. Lil Purple One (although you look blue in the picture)


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