Appreciation of the Poo

It’s funny, the one thing I have despised since I was a kid (and yes, that is a harsh word but true) is poo…but yet it now rules my world. It’s the irony of life, I suppose. Anyway. This book was given to me as a gift after I had surgery. I remember the excitement of digging into the brightly colored gift bag, the sound of crumpling tissue paper against my hand and thinking…Yay! A Gift! I pulled it out, looked at the title and was like…”What the…?” It sat on my nightstand for weeks…months. I stared at it, but I didn’t open it. Maybe I didn’t want to know what my poo was telling me because then it would make my situation real, and maybe I wasn’t ready yet, to understand or receive it. When I finally did open it, I learned a lot. And not just about poo, but also about myself and acceptance. I realized that knowing isn’t bad at all. It’s giving you a great opportunity to try to get prepared….for the fight.



3 thoughts on “Appreciation of the Poo

  1. I think I need this book. My poo has alot to say…and I’m not gettin it right evidently, cuz the poo is pissed! It’s angry. It is throwing fits at times…hiding others…I need to come to terms that this is my life. Poop is a hugely important part of my life from here on out and I need to just accept it and stop fighting it. So far, I am not having to go back to the ostomy…but will more than likely be getting one in the future…so for now I must take my dietary confinements seriously and try to learn to live with them. Stop annoying the tubing that controls whether I will be doubled over in fetal position crying on the floor of the bathroom or sitting proudly while a bit can work its way out of my angry peristaltic waves. I’m so glad we can talk openly about poo, aren;t you? lol…thanks for being as open as I am about a subjuct some find distasteful…lol. xo

    • Sorry, I didn’t get back to you earlier 😦 Summer is kinda hard for me concerning my diet. I see a lot of the foods that I want so much. I love fresh fruits and veggies (oh, and hotdogs and hamburgers) from the grill. Annoying 😦 Finding acceptance is the first key I think to finding peace about our health situations. I hope that you have a wonderful day and a great and stress-free weekend. It’s funny that the word poop has become such a terrible word to say…and until we get more comfortable with it, we are never gonna get anywhere (and that includes more research and cures)
      Anyway…Poop Rules (unfortunately, at times) but it’s here to stay…

      Take Care!

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