Wow…These Brownies…Are. Just. Sad :(

A Sweet Haiku

The Brownies…

He Said He Loved Me
They Are Burnt But Very Sweet
But Yes, They Do Suck

I have no words…except…
These Look Gross
I Admit It to the World…and To Myself, After Numerous Attempts…
I…Just…Cant. Cook.

16 thoughts on “Wow…These Brownies…Are. Just. Sad :(

    • Um, Ok…Andrew…You made my day 🙂 Totally laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thank you 🙂 (you must not have had real brownies before..ha ha

  1. Haha…. I’d try them! 😉
    R u on Instagram ? I’m new on there …. (follow me) MrWatson215! Speaking of “cooking” … Check out what I made today lol!

    • Brownie wafers? Lol…I like your comment…a crispy yet delicate insult of my culinary skills wrapped in the thinness of a wafer…too bad their too dry to even be a wafer 😦 lol

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