Vintage Friday Funnies

This is why sometimes my insomnia is FUN 🙂  Time on my hands and something to do…

Have a Wonderful and Happy (and Safe) Weekend!!!

A Daughter in Law’s Worse Nightmare

Ok, um where is the cheese? It ain’t a pizza without CHEESE!!!

You would take a chance on getting 5 to 10 for some damn Jello? At least look for some jewelry or take a computer for goodness sakes!

A 3rd date or Cereal ad? Hmmm…

This ALWAYS happens after we sit down. Didn’t I specifically ask “Does anyone else need anything before I sit down?”

Who on earth would eat this? Um…just no. No thank you.

Like this a tough decision, kid. Stop stalling and just pick the sugar-laden one, you know that’s the one you want.

The Pink Elephant in the Room

What everyone is REALLY thinking…

Sometimes, its not good to lead by example

Wow…who knew niblets were so “freaking” full of flavor…thank goodness for no typos)

Did you know you could surf on a big ole slice of pineapple? Now you do.

The Original Hulk

A slice of lettuce makes a salad? Hmmm…ok

Dear Ladies…no matter how many bowls of Grape-Nuts you eat…you will not look like her. Period.

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