My List

Get to know me…Here is a list of Likes and Dislikes….Enjoy:)

A Dislike:
Going to Chipotle and getting dry @ss chicken and THEN watching them put a fresh batch of meat for the customer behind me…Dayum.

A Like:
You know you do this…


A Dislike:
Wanting Chef Boyardee Ravioli but then realizing you bought Chef Boyardee Beefaroni…same stuff…but it doesn’t taste the same…bummer

A Like:
Ha ha…you will read it again…


A Dislike:
Smelling movie popcorn and knowing I can’t justify spending $13 dollars on it. Boo 😦

A Like:
Ha ha


A Dislike:
Speeding pass someone that was slow…looking at them…and then getting a red light with them. The look of shame. Yup

A Like:


A Dislike:
Biting into a jawbreaker thinking it was a gumball. Oh, and breaking off a lil piece of your tooth…Sigh

A Like:


A Real Like:
Bubble pop…makes me happy
A Real Dislike:
Bubble pop…I have to pop them all!


And one for the road…

How many do you see?



Got something to say? :)

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