Pink Bubble Gum Colored Lips …Part 2

I look at her
And she smiles
I haven’t seen her in a while
But there she is
Those Lips
So, Pretty…
I wrote about her before
Writing about her makes her leave
Because she hates to be exposed
She must want something
Because she is back
She takes what she lacks
I say
I’m doing okay…
Our eyes meet.
“Are you really doing good?” She says…
I sigh. Maybe I’m not. Maybe something is wrong.
She chuckles softly…seductively
“I make you doubt…yourself.”
I hate her…but yet, I know she says the truth
Her company
Sometimes, makes me weak
But, I know in my heart, she is just trying to get me worked up
A bitch
Behind a shield of lipstick-so creamy and luscious
So, I smile back
And become strong
She whispers to me
In a voice
So small
“When are you coming back?”
Before I turn my back to her
I whisper
“I dunno.”
Our eyes meet.
Our reflections meet.
And then one fades…

Bubble Pink Colored Lips…Part One


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