Now, Where Did I Put My Cape?

Who wouldn’t want to be a super hero? They’re pretty cool. Can you
imagine if you had the ability to fly, shoot lightning bolts from your
fingertips or run faster than the speed of light? Probably
impossible. But what about being invisible? Is that possible? You
bet it is! Especially if you are someone with a digestive disorder.
For those of us who suffer from a digestive disorder, where people
cannot “see” how much we suffer, how much our lives have changed, how
much we struggle just to survive, our illness is invisible. Yes, on
the outside we look perfectly fine, but on the inside, it is a daily
struggle.  It’s a bit hard to explain your circumstances when there is no visible evidence and most people need some kind of proof to believe what they fail to
see. I can recall many instances of telling people about my condition,
and having the words, “But you don’t look sick” thrown back in my
face. The hurt that accompanies those words is tremendous. I remember
people, including those in the medical field, simply thinking I was
sick because I was “stressed out.” It saddens me to think how many of
us have spent time trying to convince those around that we are indeed
ill. There are times when we really feel good and want to emulate
that by dressing how we feel truly feel.  However, doubt sometimes, can seep into the mind. I look too good. I won’t look sick enough. They won’t believe I’m sick. I look too healthy. It’s a terrible cycle to be in day after day.  For me, I hope for the
day when I will be able to say, “I am sick, but it has been a good
day.” I hope for the day when I don’t have to whip out my entire
medical file and that people will simply believe me. I hope one day
for a cure…but in the meantime, I will continue to be a
superhero…doing all I can to change the world. Take off my cloak of
invisibility One step. One leap. One thunder bolt…at a time.


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