My Illness, My Spouse & Me

I look at you
And our eyes meet
My illness makes me defensive
My mind thinks, “Do you think, I want this?”
I am mad at you
Because I think you don’t understand
You are upset with me
Because you think
“Why is she ALWAYS sick?”
My illness makes us enemies
You can’t express your feelings
And I can’t explain my actions
The hurt that I feel
Or the frustration you feel
We are at odds
With something that effects of us both
That we didn’t ask for it
Or want
Yet we live it…
That really

3 thoughts on “My Illness, My Spouse & Me

  1. Nicely done. I was just talkin to my hubs today about being angry at him and him being frustrated too..neither of us asked for this and its def hard to deal with in the marriage.

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