The Accident & Me

I watched as she spun out of control
Her wide eyes so full of fear
The look of terror on her elderly face
I immediately stopped & parked in first gear
Her car had done a 360 and now lay in a hole
The haunting sound of a car crash echoed
As her car smashed against the metal pole
It felt like slow motion, as I carefully crossed the street
I ran over to her quickly
Broken glass crunching under my feet

I stayed with her
Until the police came

Do you wanna know what saddens me the most?
That so many people saw the same thing I did
I was the only one to help her
No one else got out
Asked if she was okay

I am not a saint
But it was the right thing to do
Because she COULD have easily been my mom
Or even

*sidenote: While it may not always be safe or appropriate for you to pull over to assist, we seem to never have enough time, we’re always in a rush…I hope my poem reminds you that sometimes, we need to take the time to stop and help others…because you never know when you will be on the other side.


8 thoughts on “The Accident & Me

  1. Wow. What an experience! Thank God there are still people in this world who have compassion for others. Your poem ended with such true words. We are all rushing thru life, we are forgetting to be human. I would hope that if it was me or my family in that predicament, someone would stop, safely of course and be with us until the proper help arrived. Thank you for doing what you did, I would’ve done the very same.

    • Thank you 🙂 Everything happens for a reason, I don’t believe we are just drifting carelessly…everything that happens to us teaches us something. It was a great lesson for my son…always wear your seat belt…always be alert…it takes just a second for everything to change 😦

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