Geese…Poop Every 12 Minutes

To all my friends that can’t poo…  Geese Suck!


4 thoughts on “Geese…Poop Every 12 Minutes

  1. YES! Geese DO suck!!! I cannot begin to tell u the miserable weekend I just endured from a 4 week impaction…I could, but you and your readers would certainly vomit at the end of the story. I am more than likely to have an ostomy again in the future, and after this weekend I am now kind of looking forward to it, so as not to have to go thru that again…but yea, it’s sad how those of us who have trouble with this particular body function must sit and evny the people and animals around us who have no trouble at all with it…ugh. :/


    • I am so sorry about your weekend…awful feeling to be bloated, bloated and more bloated…and just want relief! I hope you have a much better week (and weekend)…

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