The Chocolate Bunny Hall of Fame

While at Wal-Mart today, I noticed these bunnies…got out my handy-dandy camera and snapped away…

In honor of all the Chocolate Bunnies that will be eaten tomorrow for Easter, I present to you
The Best of the Best…

 Those eyes just follow you…everywhere

You know you were thinkin the SAME thing…  Poor Paula…He don’t want you , girl!

The Only SMART bunny…Run, Bunny, Run!!!!

4+4= Huh?   Why some athletes NEED to stay in school.

Listen to me again…I don’t LIKE you, so stop trying to get my phone number.  Dumbass…

“I’m just happy to be workin’…you know there’s a recession.”

No comment.  Just Special.

= Aww… 

*After one date*  “So, you’re gonna call me, right? We hit it off, didn’t you think? I already have my wedding dress picked out, it’s really pretty and white. So, you’re gonna call me, like tomorrow, right?  Ok, see you later, like tomorrow, right? I love you!!!”

Yup…I’m the Man! Drinks on me…(Baseball contract)

 “Where everybody at?” (No contract)

And this is exactly why I’m scared of clowns…*shudder*

Psst…Eggs?  Note the hat…he’s not your friend…he’s about to scramble yo ass…

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Bunny Hall of Fame

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