Here’s the scoop
On that poop
Wait, is this too much information?
So what? I’m finally free

It was hard to do
On the porcelain loo
Wait, but almost after two hours?
So what? I’m finally me


Squatting and moaning
Flinching and groaning
I doubled over
Like I was stabbed with a knife

I rub my lost tummy
Wanting something yummy
I doubled over
A reminder of life’s strife


I finally did the deed
Because of the need
I write because
It’s the one thing I CAN do

To let go of the pain

And for that
I won’t say



One thought on “Finally…

  1. I’m glad you finally had sucess and got off that toilet. I’ve been reading you and enjoying your humor while you are deaing with all your problems. Hope you improve a little every day!

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