My Stomach Tells My Story


2 thoughts on “My Stomach Tells My Story

  1. I’ve had over 5 surgeries entering through my abdomen and pelvis (I’ve lost exact count. Sometimes when you’re that sick, the count doesn’t matter). Anyway, I was visiting with a new acquaintance (who didn’t know my history) and she showed me a circular scar on her thigh from the bite of Brown Recluse Spider. She proceeded to tell me how embarrassed she was of this scar and how she didn’t want anyone to see it (yet she was showing me on the 1st day I met her). I broke out my patented humor and talked about how sexy scars are (never mentioning my own because if she thought that was ugly, what would she think of my stomach – oy vey!). Anyway, I’ve often thought of that night and pondered my own scars. No, they might not be “sexy,” but I also don’t think they’re ugly. There was a time yes. But they do show my strength. They do show my survival. Without them I would not be here. And for better or worse, they are a part of who I am. So in a way, I am grateful and proud of my scars. Thank you for posting this and letting others know that they too can be “proud” of their scars. I hope your recovery is going well!

    • I love this! Thank you…sometimes it’s hard to see how strong you are when the scars are “fresh” but as time passes you realize how resilient you have become…I accept my scars because my scars aren’t me.

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