The Walk of Shame

Deviled eggs 5

There are many Walks of Shame. Some are funny, like the “I truly don’t believe the airplane is really gonna board on time” Walk of Shame. Seriously, one time this lady left the security area in the airport WITHOUT picking up the one suitcase she had JUST scanned (for explosives) when the security guard said (very loudly and in that “I am selling hot roasted peanuts” kind of voice) “We have a walk of shame, right here, right here. A walk of shame.” I kinda felt bad for her. People giggled (Ok, so did I). But seriously, I don’t blame her for forgetting her luggage because she was probably pre-occupied with putting her shoes back on and trying to remember the gate she had to sprint to because she thought she could defy airport rules and arrive an hour late…um, nope. Go ahead and laugh, but you know you have tried that crap too. And of course, there is the “Hey, I know it’s morning, but I’m arriving in the same clothes I left in, cuz I stayed out all night dancing” Walk of Shame. No you didn’t. Honey, your clothes are wrinkled and your hair looks like a wet cat. Oh, and you stink. Just say it. You did it….with HIM…again…just admit it…okay? No judgment. I Swear. But the worst has to be the “Pot Luck Dinner” Walk of Shame. There is nothing more awful than arriving with 24 Deviled Eggs and leaving with 20 eggs still cradled in a tender bed of organically grown green fluffy lettuce. You will look around suspiciously, for a smear of yolk around the mouth, but you will find nothing. Defeated, you will gather your aluminum platter and go home. Thankfully tonight, my 6-year-old son (who probably eats dirt when I’m not looking) saved me! He looked at me and said, ‘Wow, they’re really salty.” I tasted my creation and thought, “Whoa, they do suck.” I tried to add water to dilute the salt content but it didn’t work. Damn it!  Really? It’s cool though, because tonight someone else brought Deviled Eggs and it wouldn’t have been pretty. Unfortunately, it would have been me vs. her, and I would have definitely lost.

Oh…and for the record…those ain’t my eggs in the above picture…Thank goodness for the media gallery 🙂

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