An Ode To Aunt Flo

In a couple of days
I will be very sad

No tampon in sight
No ultra winged maxi-pad

You saw me every month, like a sweet, dear old friend
But unfortunately for you, our friendship will soon end

I remember the times you made me feel really really queasy
Stuffing my mouth with chips and anything that was cheesy

You made me break out and gave me such terrible fits
I’d wake up to feel my chin and a new mound of zits

Curled in a tight little ball, my body flinched with every cramp
Moaned and groaned on the couch, my forehead hot and damp

My jeans would be so tight, I could have easily floated
My toes like tiny sausages, my fingers so very bloated

But I wouldn’t change a thing, because you provided to me
Two sweet little kids that fill me with such wonderful glee

So this poem is for you, my sweet and dependable Aunt Flo
After visiting me for the last 30 years, I’m kinda sad to see you go

Absorb all you can in life
I will love you


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