The Nausea vs The Pain

I turn the shower handle to the left
Making the water hotter
So that it burns my skin
Hoping that the heat
Distracts me from the queasiness
That I feel inside
As the water stings my body
And the mirrors glisten with steam
I hang my head against my damp shoulder
And wonder
Which do I hate the most?
The Pain?
The Nausea?
Pain is deep
It slices you, it stabs you, and you gasp…
As you grab your stomach tightly but then it fleets
Leaving you sweaty but relieved
Nausea lingers
For minutes, days, or an entire week
Until you finally throw it up
Cold porcelain against your cheek
Whispering, “Oh, my God, Thank you.”
So which is worse?
I dunno…because they BOTH suck
I hate them
But they love me
And won’t let me go
So until they do
We play a game
Of “Who gets me first?”
I can live in total Peace

6 thoughts on “The Nausea vs The Pain

  1. You just put into words the thoughts from my head all day….the battle of nausea vs pain….its a constant one in my pathetic wore torn body. I just sprayed a can of icy hot allover my abdomen and drank half a bottle of mylanta trying to quiet the evil demons that control my every waking moment…I’m tired of it…soooo tired of it…xoxo

  2. Hi, got the link for your blog from Tammy’s page. I have read some and love tis blog. I will be back to continue reading. I talk about poop all the time…but haven’t talked about it on my blog…you give me COURAGE!!

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