The Waiting Room


I wait with the others
Our heads slightly down
Our eyes focused on the faded carpet
Quietly wondering
As we wait
Why was everyone here?
A phone rings
From time to time
A magazine is read and discarded
A small child is fussy
Glancing eyes meet briefly
Followed by a quick reassuring smile
As we wait
A door opens gently
Releasing a soft gust of air
Causing heads to turn quickly
Eyes full of anticipation
“Is there a Mr. Johnson”?
The lucky one stands
Disappears without a trace
Soft sighs fill the room
Chairs creak
Positions are resumed
As we wait



2 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. Perfect timing as I find this while sitting in the waiting room @that the cardiologists office to see him for the first time. Just as u described. Its like a little club…we all pick a seat, hopefully not too close to others, usually not making much eye contact..just sitting and waiting for the golden chart in the nurses hand with your name on it. Some of us feeling very worried about whats to happen after we follow her down the hall…

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