This Little Piggy


This little piggy went to a holiday party
Where she ate a little too hearty
She had way too much to eat
And now has swollen feet
Thank Goodness for flip-flops

This little piggy ate some dip with beans
Now she’s bloated & can’t pull up her jeans
Struggled with the button and the zipper
Because she’s usually just a liquid sipper
Which kinda sucks

This little piggy knew her colon was very fickle
But didn’t want another dang cherry popsicle
So she had some ham & pizza with gooey extra cheese
How about some glazed carrots? Why, of course, yes please!
Which didn’t suck

This little piggy is back on track with a smile
No regrets, felt nice to cut loose for a while
She had her fun
But now she is done
Taking one day at a time


One thought on “This Little Piggy

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