So How Do You Stay Alive?

I received an email from a subscriber who was confused on how I “stay alive” if I don’t eat very much and I’m no longer on TPN.  I have to say even though I’m not particularly fond of how my body is treating me right now; I have to honestly say, the human body is an amazing and resilient machine.  A true work of art.  No matter the costs, it will fight to stay alive using every resource possible.  My bout with Gastroparesis caused a weight gain of about twenty-five to thirty pounds in a short amount of time.  The less I ate, the more I gained.  My body just took control and said, “Wait a minute now, I have to survive here, so I’m gonna keep every damn calorie you ingest, even if it’s a cracker”.  Even though I hated wearing elastic waisted pants everyday, I know now, my body knew what it was doing, storing up fat for the next phase.  After my gastrectomy, I was like a fat little hibernating bear.  My body feasted on all those stored up delicious fat cells, using them for fuel and allowing me to survive.  Truly, it was only after my colon stopped functioning normally, that I started to run into trouble.  I started to lose weight once my body no longer had that substantial reservoir of fat to use for food. So, TPN stepped in to help me get nutrients and gain weight.  Unfortunately, my Colonic Inertia was becoming worse and staying on TPN would end up hurting me more than help me because it wasn’t allowing my colon the chance to work, even if it was barely working anyway.  It’s better to try to get my colon to push something along, even if it’s just some broth or tea.  Unfortunately, most of the things I CAN have are low-calorie which is why my body now “feeds” off of my lean muscle mass.  I try to stay active by doing weight-bearing exercise so I can try to replace what I lose.  Of course, this might all change after my appointment next week, so I guess I will just have to wait and see 🙂


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