All I Want For Christmas…

Dear Santa Claus,

It is almost Christmas Day and I have been very good this year. Ok, except for the one time I purposely avoided the Walmart Salvation Army Kettle Dude by going into another entrance because I wanted to keep my dollar for a 7-11 coffee…BUT remember…I DID feel guilty and gave him two dollars on the way out! Anyway. I’m actually writing to tell you-that the only thing I want for Christmas is for my kids to have Healthy WORKING digestive systems. I don’t want them to go through what I have or will…because I love them and they’re pretty good kids…usually. So, let’s make a deal. I’ll make you a vanilla cupcake for you…because I can’t make cookies…if you put a gift card in my children’s stockings…valid for a lifetime of Good Health. However, if you do decide to slip a new pair of shoes under the tree for me-that would be okay, too.

Thank you very much,

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