To My Daughter With Love

I have seen pregnant women
Doing things
They KNOW would hurt their babies
Like Drinking
Like Doing Drugs
I wish they loved themselves…and that baby
I would never hurt you
I didn’t cause myself to be ill
To pass onto you…some shit like this
I didn’t even know I was sick
Until after I became an adult
Yet, I totally feel responsible
I had a wonderful childhood
And I pray that you do too
I want to see you skip, run and go to the prom
Without a distended belly
I see you struggle
And I wish I could take away the pain
To make you feel better
And even when I feel really sick
I will ALWAYS put away my troubles
For you
Because I love you that much
AND I always will
I hope my body didn’t give you anything
Nutrient Breast milk
You are my ONLY daughter
And I promise
I will fight for you
Every day
I love you.
I really do.


2 thoughts on “To My Daughter With Love

  1. My mom wrote me a letter when I was really struggling with stuff. I travel with it. It’s like an official document to me, like a passport. Your daughter will love this as I love my letter, I know it.

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