Making a List…Checkin it Twice

I like to create to do lists because I like the feeling of being able to cross something off.  I feel so accomplished!  Anyway, Here is my “Things to do before Christmas Day” list.

1)  Learn what all the neat keys do on my computer. I have no idea what will happen when I press that button with the striped circle on it…but I’m gonna find out!

2)  Buy new contact lenses. I wear my disposable contacts for about four or five months or until they rip or I have to keep blinking rapidly so I can generate enough moisture in my eyes to refresh them. The truth is I’m really lazy when it comes to my lenses. The sad thing is, I get them from Walmart & I ALWAYS go there…so why don’t I just head over to the Vision Center? I dunno…yeah, I do…lazzyyy

3)  Throw out that box of Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets that have been in the back of the freezer for about two years.

4)  Replace the $2.00 I “borrowed” Ok, that I had stolen from my son’s piggy bank for a cup of 7-11 coffee.

5)  Go to Walmart again…to PICK UP the contacts that I didn’t pick up the last three times I was there.


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