Anyone Up For A Game Of Operation?

When I was a little girl
I loved to play the game
In my mind
I was a skilled surgeon
I knew what I was doing
No red light buzzing for me
As I looked down at my patient
I would think to myself
“Cavity Sam”
With his big red nose
He looks like Rudolph the Reindeer
As I looked down at my patient
I would think to myself
“Cavity Sam”
With all of his ailments
Wow, he even swallowed a butterfly!
But don’t fret!
I was a skilled surgeon
With steady hands
And a steady eye
I would pick up the tweezers
As little beads of sweat
Formed on my forehead
I would make my first choice
The rubber band
So Easy…A Piece of Cake
Then the
Wish bone
Funny bone
Adam’s apple
“Cavity Sam”
Having surgery
With NO anesthesia
That must have really sucked
When I was a little girl
I loved to play the game
Did I ever
Think it was real
Know that when I became older
I would become
“Cavity Sam”
That it would be Me
On a table
Watching from above
Wondering and Hoping my surgeon was as good
With the tweezers
As I was
I realized as I floated back down
And settled back into my body
Things were different
Operation was NOT just a game
But something REAL
And now
Three years
“Cavity Sam”
Is back
Dusty and Worn
Ready to play
Even though I don’t want to
But like a kid in a Huggies commercial
I will have to say
“I’m a BIG kid now!”
Deal with BIG kid issues
Accepting the fact
That my issues
Won’t Diminish or Disappear
Just because the batteries die down
No Buzzer…to say you’re out!
No Do-over…to say “One more time.”
No I “Quit!”…because it’s not fair
Decisions will have to be made
Be based on emotions
I have to be smart
I have to be strong
I have to play to win
“Cavity Sam”
Who is a battery operated one-dimensional man
I’m real
And my life
NOT a game.


One thought on “Anyone Up For A Game Of Operation?

  1. Great one! I too LOVED that game! In fact I just bought it for my grandsons for Chritmas! I can’t wait to play! hahah. Yea, who woulda thought while we were pullin out those bits n pieces we would someday become the one layin there with our lives in strangers hands?

    We do have to make smart decisions based on everything BUT emotions I guess. I’m having a hard time with it. I’ve been in amped up miserable pain for a few days. Researching hospitals n docs. Today I’ve vowed to eat NOTHING but baby food and Ensure, to see if that lessens the pain alot. Got appointment with a NEW local surgeon in a couple weeks….which as I said, I’m quite certain that’ll be for nought.

    After that its prolly off to INDIANA UNIVERSITY Med Ctr (cuz my ins covrs there) but I wish it was MAYO Clinic (not sure if ins covrs thr yet). I found another blog yesterday by a Dr. Jeff Parks, hes a general surgeon and he had stories of some of his patients and sounded like me…but it was scary and freaked me out, cuz he found odd thngs like psuedocysts on pancreas, things that had stopped blood flow to intestines and like 4 ft was dead…something like that. So now I’m even more freaked out.

    But anyway…loved this post. You are strong! An inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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