Hey you! Yes you…Respect the RedBox

This blog post is serving as a private service announcement…but I want the public to hear it…Loud and Clear!  Some of us do not have Netflix. Some of us do not use Pay-Per-View. Some of us do not stream movies through a Wii or Xbox. And some of us haven’t sat in a movie theater since 2001 because a bucket of popcorn, extra butter…two cherry ICEES…oh, and “Mommy, can we please get some Sour Patch Kids…Pleeease?” ain’t cheap. So, many of us rely on RedBox. Just in case you have no idea what RedBox is; it’s simply a video kiosk where you can rent $1.00 movies or $2.00 video games. Now here’s my problem. Let’s say it’s around 5:45 p.m. and you are trying to return your video so that you can come home and make a wonderful and warm dinner for your beloved family. As you close your car door, you scan the parking lot…just in case…you have to walk faster. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You know damn well you have tried to “Outwalk” another person so you can get there first!  Anyway, so you get to the kiosk and sigh in relief because there’s only one person there. It might be helpful at this point to label some people.  Let’s call… the 5’4 brown haired woman who was wearing black jeans, a red shirt and brown Crocs…Person A. Let’s call the kind-hearted, happy, wonderful, generous and very patient one…Person B (that would be me). Now enter Person C…some dude. Two minutes pass. When five minutes hit…Person B hears Person C say something under his breath.  The doors open, and hey, here comes the rest of the alphabet…D, E and F!  Person A seems oblivious that she’s been punching buttons for like 10 minutes and that there’s a big ole line behind her.  So, Person B, reminds her by gently clearing her throat.  Person A looks over her shoulder and smiles…eye contact was made…yup…Person A was about to leave! Boy, was Person B wrong. Person A’s feet didn’t move. Are you kidding me?  Just pick a freakin movie, ok?  So many will ask…why did Persons B through D (two couldn’t hang) stay? I wish the reason was based on principle and that Person A was not going to force anyone to drive to another location to seek a new kiosk. But, the real reason was we wanted to see what damn movie that *beeyotch* ended up getting. So…please people, remember when you are at the RedBox…be courteous to those in line…and just pick a freakin movie.


3 thoughts on “Hey you! Yes you…Respect the RedBox

  1. Right! Why do people take their sweet ass time picking a movie when you know that you have to return it on time so that you don’t get charged an additional $1.00 or so. It’s like, ummmm I’m going to need you to know, what movie you want to pick out before the evening Thursday and Friday night rush.

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