Happy Feet Meet Laura Ingalls

I miss the good old days when life seemed simple.  I’m not talking about Little House on the Prairie Olden days, because I ain’t trying to churn butter or pee in a pot, I just mean when things didn’t seem to be so dang confusing or complicated.

When I was growing up, my “gaming console” was a Tandy TRS-80 from Radio Shack.  My favorite game was called Clowns and Balloons.  Two clowns moved back and forth on the screen, holding a trampoline while a third clown tried to burst balloons.  It was a game that you played for the fun of it and it didn’t stress you out.  It was just a game.  Fast forward to…well, today.  My 8-year-old daughter begs me to please use Google, to find the game walkthrough or some hints for one of her DS games.  Really?!  I gotta use Google to learn how to win a Disney Princess game?  The sad thing is EVEN with the damn walkthrough, I still lost…and kinda got stressed about it too. Whatever.  Last week, my mother in law called me on her CELL PHONE so I could help her get on her COMPUTER so she could Google to know how to use her iPad.  Seriously.  And before anyone calls me a hater, I promise I’m not.  If anything, I’m extremely grateful for all the advancements made in technology.  A steady progress of improvements helped save my life.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if there hadn’t been any machines or equipment to help assess my health situation.  It’s just I don’t expect to need a Dramamine when I try to watch Avatar on Blu-ray on a flat screen HD television.  Sometimes when things get too elaborate, it takes the specialness away, maybe that’s what I miss…like back in the day, when the thought of seeing a 3D movie with your friends on Friday would almost kill you because it was ONLY Wednesday…and even though you already knew that you would have to hold those flimsy paper green and red glasses up to your face for the entire movie because they always fell off your ears…it was still memorable!  These days, I’m shocked, if I don’t hear, “Now playing in 3D and in Imax Theaters” at the end of a movie trailer.  Is it too much to ask directors to not enhance everything?  And no offense to Happy Feet, but I don’t need to see you in 3D…because if I wanted to see a 3 dimension penguin…I would simply go to the zoo.

3 thoughts on “Happy Feet Meet Laura Ingalls

  1. I still have a Super Nintendo that I have no intentions of replacing with something more recent. I really don’t think I could handle the shock of the upgrade. I’m struggling enough typing this comment on my husband’s iPad!

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