*Barbie* might be the next Meryl Streep…

When I was a kid, I loved to play with Barbie. My Barbie was stylish and very rich.  She had a dream home with plenty of built-in amenities, a flashy pink Corvette and a sister named Skipper, who would grow boobies when you rotated her arms back.  Seriously.  I bet a lot of little girls thought that would work for them too.  Trust me, it doesn’t.  Anyway,  last week I watched the movie, The Princess and the Pauper starring Barbie.  My daughter was confused because she couldn’t understand why “Barbie” wasn’t using her own name, but going by the names Princess Anneliese & Erika.  I tried to explain to her that Barbie was an “actress” playing different roles.  I felt extremely stupid saying this, because I know Barbie is not a real person, but as you will see below…maybe she is…
I saw a documentary once that showed how the process of animation comes alive…it’s tedious…so why would anyone create bloopers? Oh, yes…for people like me, who watch and giggle. Seriously, I could watch this everyday. Yup. All I know if Barbie ever wins an Oscar, I will eat a shoe…a shoe worn by a smelly foot. Promise. Anyway…check out the “actress” Barbie playing the princess and the pauper.
(1:38 is Priceless!)


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